How to earn MONEY with us?

Are you:

  • BUSINESS OWNER & would like to learn more about how iDog Wash can incease your revenue.
  • HAVE A COMERCIAL ROOM to place iDog Wash & would like to reveive every month recuring revenue.
  • INVESTOR after a more attractive return on capital then most financial intruments can offer.

In ALL three case please feel free to contact us or click on the button below!

Who can benefit

  • Petrol station
  • Veterinarian clinique
  • Pet store
  • Garden Centre
  • Laundromats
  • Pet-friendly hotel
  • Dog park
  • Camping site
  • Military Base

And many others!


ROI within 2 years!
4 washes a day
5 EUR nett profit / wash
365 days
7.300,-EUR extra PROFIT
per year

(The above is for illustrational purposes only)

Benefit to iDogWash owners

Wash as little as 4 dogs daily with iDog Wash mashine and your money on investment will be back within a year and half.

For easy calculation, allow just 10 years of working life of  iDogWash station (we believe the timeframe is twice as longer) you get over 65% return annualy on your investment. That is a very healthy profit margin!

iDogWash station generates recurring revenue!

Not only you get a BIG cashmachine with us but it also creates value for your existing business, increases your revenue, your brand and reputation.

The iDogWash is built to wash hundreds of dogs per month with minimal maintenance.

As little as 1EUR will go toward shampoo, water and electricity. Most customers will spend at least 7EUR for each dog wash.

The owner can change the time and prices of the washes to adjust for market conditions.

In case of average customer washing his/her dog every three to five weeks, your business could easily generate 100 new regular customers monthly.